Heart to Heart sustains a plentiful blood supply for the people of Israel by supporting Israel’s National Blood Bank. By partnering with us and giving a virtual blood donation, you are blessing Israel, saving lives, and fulfilling the biblical mandate of Genesis 12:3.

All blood in Israel is donated voluntarily, and as the population and needs increase, so does the expense of maintaining the blood supply.
Heart to Heart
underwrites these costs with the help of supporters like you.

When you sponsor a unit of blood in Israel, you are:

  • Saving lives in Israel.
  • Fulfilling a biblical mandate.
  • Making sure Israel’s blood bank is always full.
  • Blessing Israel.

Sponsor a unit of blood and give the gift of life.

Each whole unit of blood can save three lives!

  • Whole Unit of Blood – $100
  • Single Unit of Red Cells – $60
  • Single Unit of Plasma – $40
  • Single Unit of Platelets – $25



Heart to Heart is a project of American Friends of Magen David Adom, a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to saving lives in Israel for more than seven decades.