Why isn’t my donation going through?

Please double check the following:

  • Is your internet connection working?
  • Are all required fields (marked with an asterisk) completed?
  • Are all credit card details entered correctly including number (without spaces or dashes), expiration date, and card security code? The card security code is on the front of American Express cards and on the back of all other cards.

I’ve followed the instructions above and it’s still not working.

Please email info@afmda.org or call 866.632.2763 for further assistance. Be sure to note the exact wording of any error message that may have appeared when you clicked “submit.” This will help us fix the problem.

Was the tribute card I requested sent?

The email confirmation of your donation will note that you requested a tribute card. If you chose a tribute card sent by postal mail, it will be sent within one to three days. If you chose a tribute card sent by e-mail it was sent when you clicked “submit.” Since tribute e-cards are sent automatically by the system, there is no individual confirmation for each card sent.

Is the amount of my donation listed on the tribute card?

No. The tribute card only has your message to the recipient.

When will I get an official receipt?

After making a donation you will receive an official receipt for tax purposes by email.