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Support Special Campaigns

Support Special Campaigns

There are many local and national campaigns supporting specific needs of Magen David Adom. Click below to get involved!

Local Campaigns





















National Campaigns

Red Bag of Courage Mitzvah Project: Calling all students to do a mitzvah and raise funds for first aid kits.

Heart to Heart: Heart to Heart provides Christian Zionists with a tangible way of making a difference in the lives of Israelis by making virtual blood donations that helps support Israel’s National Blood Bank.

Sar El Ambulance Project: Sar El volunteers join with MDA to fund an ambulance for Israel.

Munich 11 Ambulance Initiative: This initiative’s goal is to raise money to purchase ambulances in memory of the 11 Israeli athletes murdered by terrorists at the 1972 Olympic Games and to commemorate their legacy by helping save Israeli lives.

Virtual Blood Drive: If you can’t get to Israel to donate blood, this is the next best thing. Every virtual unit of blood donated will help fund the collection and processing of real blood units donated to MDA’s National Blood Services Center. Blood = Life. Give today.